Tool technologies and materials to the latest state-of-the-art

At Carbon-Solutions your ideas take shape and are realized by experienced technicians.
Our comprehensive know-how on lightweight construction materials and production techniques enable us to realize high-end lightweight structures.

A diverse range of materials such as carbon fibre, Vectran, Twaron and sandwich constructions using RHC - Rohacell, NOMEX Honeycomb or aluminium honeycombs create high-quality composite structures.

Whether force introduction parts such as inserts and cores made of Kevlar or carbon inserts.


By systematically developing our knowledge and process technology, we are able to apply
individual solutions for the production of complex lightweight components.

Autoclaven Technology


Low-pressure RTM

Infusion Processes

Organic Sheet Presses

SMC Presses


Wet Lamination



For us, research and development means not only acquiring new knowledge or optimizing production processes and manufacturing possibilities, but also passing on this expertise to our customers in the form of the best possible support.

Carbon-Solutions – Innovation und Experience